Be the one. 6th element
You are The One. Remember that you are creating everything with your Awareness, with your Words and Deeds, with your beating Heart, your whole Being, with Love. And what you feel, I do too. And what I give, everybody receives. You are The One. Out of Water, Earth, Wind and Fire, out of Freedom.
With your esSense, out of Ether and with Love.
Be The One. 6th Element. You are The One.

That's why there are pictures of 108 people and 108 things. Which are defining me, inside and out. You inspire me, provoke me, you amaze me and surprise me. Bring me light, sound, lightness and wit. I am all of us. You are all of me. Thank us all. Together we are the Initiators for the Changes which are the guiding Light for a connected Movingversum. With Joy, oh, Boy <3
Kaos in red sta samo dve plati iste medalje. In to je vedno znova skrivnost in radost univerzuma, njegovo mirovanje in nepredstavljivo gibanje.
Svetišče vsemirje.

Chaos and Order are only two sides of the same coin. And that's where the secrets and joy of Universum arise, in its stillness and unimaginable movement. Creative Movingversum.

Let's create together

6th element is an intuitive platform with creative praxis of Tadeja La Zupan and her partners. Come and join us in the pursuit of Lightness. Accept the challenge and impact & let’s change… together! CHOOSE: my GUIDANCE through RITUALS, engage with the implementation and realization of Ideas, OR … JUST take a peek and COME back!


Trasformative impact

Know thy true nature!
Motivation, guidance,
experiences, team events

I have been researching and practising innovative praxis of guidance for the last 3 years – based on 25 years of my experiences. Join me in the pursuit of lightness all the way to transformation!


Individual or team building


* 9-week program

* 9-month program Online and/or live Transformative program

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 Surprising Re:set experiences: The Path to your true and healthy nature. Always attuned to the inner rhythm of the Universum. How to flow like water?

Public events from time to time. For individual guidance or team building just ask!


An inner trip by boat on the Mediterannean Sea: When I meet myself in the past and the future of the Present Time

New dates coming soon!



Work in progress

Feature film,
VR Experience

We create movies, translate & edit & publish books. Altogether we are establishing new dimensions of Vitality and platforms for Human Change.

* Under construction: Feature Film

Hold your breath, dare to transform and start to… dance to follow me.

* Under construction: Series

Can she really …? Just like that? Meet the eco farm of the future … soon!

* In-Water projects

In the flow … Working on XR projects

Praise of Humanity (and wit)

* Publishing – looking for an Agency/Publishing House for several published book projects

* Lots of Translation (not lost at all :))) and Book Editing

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I’ve got an Idea.

Would you like
to go there
with me?

Recently I have heard the story about those men who were among the Founders of the Non-alignment Movement (founded by Tito, Nehru and Naser, 64 years ago!). Our politicians (ex-Yugoslavia) were visiting their rich brothers in the world, also in the Middle East, and started a conversation: We’ve got an Idea. Have you got the Money? And so the enterprises went on. That’s the way I like it, too!

Are you familiar with that special feeling, when some thought, an image, number or a sound or a word, keeps occurring in your life? Are you? And do you follow them? Me, I do, more and more, with grateful attention. That brings you into the arms of beauty and into the vortex of an immense source of Energy. That is the way the No. 6 came into my life. With lots of Ideas.

There is no big rational explanation for this. It is just following with gratitude and awareness through the flow of synchronicities.

It is too soon to say what it is all about, all together would sound too good to be true. Like in some wild movie. The time will come soon, when we will share all those synchronicities, which led us to here. And now. Right now, when I am saying to you: I’ve got whole clusters of Ideas with stories and inner purpose! What about you?

Come and join me. Just say it!



 6th element is a transformational vortex  for our personal, professional and universal life. Together we create new dimensions of VITALITY  for the Beings and for the Planet. Be with us. In this place with BALANCE, LOVE, CLARITY of CHANGE and growth of CREATIVITY. Connected in creative Movingversum. Be The One. IMAGINE IMAGINATION in the REPUBLIC OF REJUVENATION.

Just ask for more!



6th element: You are The One. Entwine, trust, cooperate. With yourself, with me, create community with your healthy, true nature.


Where is 6th element coming from?

* In the beginning there were 4 elements: FIRE, WATER, AIR (of Freedom) and EARTH. The 5th Element, so the movie claimed, is LOVE. And mystics were saying that it is the SPIRIT, SPACE, ETHER … I was missing something. So I thought: What do you get if you combine all of them? And there it was, One LIGHT of all of them. And there were BEINGS in there. Is that You? Of course you are. You are The One. I am. We are The Ones who are remembering how blissful it is to be intertwined. The Oneness. Elements in movement, connected in Movingversum.

* Then there are the SENSES. How many of them? So many, that we call the 6th one the INTUITION. Do you use it? I do, more and more. Because everything is in there. Just dive into it. Deep inside you. Silently. And then go and make it happen joyfully.

* Even the Technology is imitating the Nature: 3G, 4G, 5G… Yes, they are polluting our atmosphere more and more, disturbing the beings in it. Very much so. Although they are connecting us, too. Let there be No. 6 the web which interconnects us back to the Woods, to the Nature, Silence, to the Sounds of Silence, to the richest Inner Life. To Your inner hOMe. Actually You don’t need wi-fi and smart-phone and net and mobile data all the time. If they are not provided by the outer source, we can finally dive in and find them within. This is it, the 6th element.

* 6th element in the Chemical system of Elements is – what else than Carbon. Most necessary for Life. Pure. Diamond. Even more: there are precisely 6 Elements building 97% of Human being: Carbon, Hydrogen, Nitrogen, Oxygen, Phosphor and Sulphur. Acronym of those names brings up one naughty assosiation: CHNOPS! Ring any bells? (Schnapps:) Cheers!

* In Tantra, this is another story which found me through 6th element, we need precisely 6 beings for the whole Ritual. There is no tantra without it. And when you are opening the doors and your eye with  6th chakra, that means that you are already immersing into the Unity of the Worlds all around us. And sometimes you are already able to enter them. Getting there <3

* And all those Dimensions: When somebody is in flow, we are saying that that kind of person is gathering information from the 5th Dimension. That’s the way you can do it, too: Because you are The One: 6th element.

Realize, that You ARE part of the big puzzle, in which we are all interconnected. And when you think that you are alone, just be aware, that there is already two of you: You and Your Creativity. You are the Holon. And when there is two of us, we are always already three: We and our Creation. Holy Ghost. So … Gimme5! And …

Be The One: 6thelement

6th element is an Invitation to the Way. Each of us will walk it through somehow alone, yet always united in Oneness. The Adventure will open us for the Abundance. The World as one and us in it, one by one. Guided by the Signs in that Way, we evoke Information, Energy and Wisdom; all of them are already here for ever and ever. And now. Right now.

I can guide you to that Change and hereafter, with the power of Joy and encouragement.

To be The One: 6th element in Creative and connected Movingversum.

Just ask for more!



Who imagined that? Tadeja. La

Who invented that?

I am Tadeja, 6th element. With the rituals of transformation I am awakening my own and our true, healthy nature, guiding us through the maze of creativity, spirit and universum. I love to add a joyful intonation into everything I touch with my light nature; so they say, so I feel. I am a pro-human, guiding you through surprises … like in the movies. Lovingly, brightly, experienced, playfully. Clearly and unpredictably to Change. And with inspiration ever after.


What do I know best? Open up and my love for life will pour into you too. What do I learn still? The meaning of sound and the shapes of it. What do I prefer to work? Translate ideas from ether, from the future and from ever and ever into now. I decided to merge all my various activities into the brand named 6th element. I prefer to be motivator, initiator, creator. Anything else? Just ask.

I am a founder and owner of brands Ph RED, Glowing of new Energies, Oij LAB and 6th element. I was working for 13 years for a national broadsheet newspaper Delo, where I was an executive Editor of the opinionmaker magazine Saturday Supplement (at the end of Times:). For a little more than 13 years I have been creating freely. Most of the time as a book editor, translator, publisher, producer, author and a host, among other things, of my inventive talk show Glowing of New Energies. Over the last 6 years I have been bringing forth a width of information and wisdom with inspirational speakers from the fields of creativity, health, consciousness, nature and technology.

I won several awards for acting in theatre, made a few educational short films, now I am focused on telling the transformational stories through my movies.

With the Power of Ritual, as I have labelled my approach, I initiate you to change and to realise and manifest fresh solutions. To find a true, healthy nature. My approach is very intuitive, and on the other hand very carefully structured through years. I am spreading the spirit which I am living too: „We are awakening the awareness of ideas.“ My home is Creative Movingversum. And the more I live, the more I love.

Among all the Worlds I live in Bled, in the best of all of them. I am blessed with two beloved sons, the sister and the niece, the garden, a cat named Lady Behemoth, firm health on the miraculous Earth and a Universe of Joy with beautiful Friends and other Beings. My ancestors are coming from the Worlds I am discovering only now. They gifted me, together with my beloved parents, the bliss of good health, distinctive ability to inspire and to create the worlds with words and beyond. I work intuitively. Most of the things I learn or I have been learning officially, I forget. Or, to be precise, I know only what I sense from ever and after. Go figure:)

And, well, like you maybe already knew, for me a typical situation is the one from the known proverb – all good things are 3: If I were  a food, I would be … three of them! And then suddenly a new pair of three’s is coming… That way, although I don’t know exactly, how, this 6th element arose, too. I know, that it is The One. Because it just came. And it is bringing  everlasting smiles and wild synchronicities to all of you who have heard about it from me. The Truth, which has been pouring to me over last months, is coming true: You are The One. 6th element. It is I <3 We are. It is. Well … nobody said its name before, so I did it. Say the Name and there will be the Light. Now.

Join me & Imagine Imagination in the Republic of Rejuvenation. Bee The One <3

Just ask for more!



We love to cooperate. You too?

For now let’s share the information about those partners in creation and friends, who came into my life and the life of 6th element.



New dimensions of XR technology

Založba Chiara

Where the good Books live

Gibanje Zofe

Alenka is an Architect of the Soul

Junikorn United in Lea

Design behind imagination

Mateja Vavtar Myrta

Matrix of space and time

Natalija Nanevska Đuričić

Cross-over Saga: Avalon and the Forgotten Ones

Valéria Reva

Une professeur formidable

Sun of Art

Energy portals by Urška Lan


Come and join us. Just say it!




Institute for Regeneration and Creation

Since 2008: Editing, translating, publishing, concerts, movies, exhibitions

OiJ Lab

Laboratory for Regeneration and Creation

Technology, Nature
and further on


of new enegies

Talk shows, events since 2013:
 Peak experiences, precious informations

6th element = 4 me 2 U <3